More Than Just Music

I love to play music, there is nothing like it.  When the music is firing on all cylinders the vibrations take over and carry you away, there is nothing like it.  Writing songs that have meaning to me and hopefully to others and witnessing it change their lives, there is nothing like it.
I’ve been a full time musician for about 9 years now, and this whole journey has been about way more than just playing music or “living out my dreams”.  It’s about living free from the burden of what everyone thought I should be doing.  It’s about bringing my family closer together.  It’s about changing my family line from bondage that had us in a spot where we couldn’t be successful.  It’s about nurturing a creative spirit in our home, in our children, and leading by example when we tell them they can grow up, work hard and do something they love to do.  It’s about meeting people all over the country who struggle with the same things and helping each other, encouraging each other, bringing people together.  It’s about believing in yourself to accomplish more than you thought possible.  All of these things are just as important in my career than the music.  So whatever “fame” status that is achieved through playing music, this is really what I’m doing.
My music career is more than just playing music to me.  It’s definitely not “living out my dreams”.  Being a musician is a dream job, but I wouldn’t really wish this on anyone.  The things that are good… Far out weigh how hard it can be.  And through it all, I will keep on rocking!