Move my Soul

“Move My Soul” is one of my favorite songs to play.  I love playing slide guitar and this riff sure is a fun one.  Then I added the gospel jam in the middle when we play it live, and it just gets my blood going!

I wanted to tell a story about how I came up with the title.  My Dad and I where playing at a nursing home years ago.  This elderly man wheeled up right in front of us.  My dad and I both assumed he was getting into the music so which made us get into a little bit more, knowing this man was enjoying it.  He lifted his hand high in the air, my dad and I thought, wow, he really likes this one.  We mustered up a little more emotion and sang with our all.  After a few lines of the song he threw his hand down, and started yelling “SHUT UP, just SHUT UP, you have to reach the soul!  You have to reach the soul!!”  We quickly realized he wasn’t really into the music as much as we thought, and the emotion we mustered up for him seemed to be very confused at this point.  He was wheeled out by a nurse and was yelling that all the way down the hall.

I won’t ever forget that story.  I forget his face and the name of the place we were at, but I’ll always remember that man yelling at us.  I’m a bit sad that he seemed very tormented.  I was thinking about moving people’s souls with music.  Reaching people with music in ways other things can’t.  I’m reminded that I can’t move anyone’s soul.  I can Move My Soul with things that move me, and maybe others will be moved as well.  I can share my creativity and some will enjoy and gain something from it.  I’m also reminded that I should “muster up” that emotion from the beginning and not when I felt like someone was “into it”, because that really wasn’t the case, maybe that is what he was getting at…

Give it your all and let music Move Your Soul.  Rock On!