New, but Same Direction

It’s easy to get in a spot where things are comfortable and everything is going smoothly.  Then your situation changes and our first reaction is to freak out and worry.  I’m learning that, first, freaking out and worrying doesn’t fix anything and doing so only limits our abilities.  Second, maybe things need to change.  Maybe it’s time to look at new possibilities.

Being a full time musician is not easy.  When you’re a musician and you have regular gigs with steady income it’s very easy to enjoy that.  At the same time, I have other goals of touring and reaching a wider audience.

Things have been shifting here lately.  The steady gigs are fading out.  My first thought is to scramble and try to get more steady (weekly, bi-weekly) gigs.  At the same time though, my band is traveling more and getting better, and more frequent gigs in new areas.  This is really what my all time goal is.  Travel and promote my music, make new fans in a wider area.  So while some doors are closing other are opening up.

Its time to regroup (quickly) and focus on the doors that ARE opening and not worry about the ones that are closing.


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