Summer Show Highlights

This summer we had a lot of shows and put a lot of miles on the van!  We went to Chicago and took a selfie with a Chicago cop.  Then in IA, we found ourselves driving right through LeClaire so we stopped by the American Pickers shop at 2am and got some pics of the car and the shop.  I was yelling at Larry (the drummer) to hurry up before the cops were called, but we made it out before there was trouble!

Rocked on to another great gig in Hannibal, MO at Finn’s Food and Spirit, right on the Mississippi river.  We crashed at some new friends’ house and stayed up almost until daylight hanging out.  We had a little argument about who was going to sleep on the floor…Larry lost, he is the new guy.

Fourth of July found us up in Brook, IN, playing a private party.  We played for 5 + hours.  They wouldn’t let us quit…lol.  They kept throwing money at us to keep us playing.

Our trip to St Louis, Kansas City, and beyond was a great time.  Some folks from Hannibal came down to St Louis, and it was great to see them. A former co worker stopped in at Kansas City.  Then we went to Odell, NE for a show.  Along the way we had some time to kill so we set up at a rest stop and did a little jamming.  Odell was fantastic as well!  It’s never a bad time in NE.  We then went to Lake Of The Ozarks for a show.  When we were done we got to catch a little bit of another band and got to talk music with them for a little bit.  This whole trip was great, although  we didn’t make much money the first few days.  The first couple of days were week night gigs, and we made enough money for gas to get to the next city.  We were leaving the first gig and feeling a bit down..Larry says, “I just want to say that this is always something I wanted to do, travel around and play music and I’m grateful we get to do it…What about you Steve (as he looks in the rear view mirror).” Steve says, ” OOhhh &$!! Yeeaah.” Then we busted out!  Maybe you had to have been there..

This past summer we had some great festivals that we played.  Blues Fest in Crawfordsville was an absolute blast, and we had the headlining spot!  Goodstock in Goodland, IN, my son Gibson joined us and stole the show!   Check out video here!  We played at the Fall Outta Summer Festival and I have to say, that was probably one of the funnest gigs we’ve done.  We camped Friday night and hung out with friends all night and played music by the campfire.

We had a lot of great times this summer and a lot of good times driving down the road at 70 mph.

Thanks for all you support!


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