Growing Up With a Rock N’ Roll Dad

Some of my fondest memories as a kid was my dad and I listening to records together.  When my mom would leave he would walk to the bottom of the stairs and yell “Hey JASooon!” in this one certain tone, and I knew that tone of voice meant mom was gone and we were going to listen to music.  I knew it was going to be good and he was going to share some great rock n roll facts with me.  I would go downstairs and he would be putting the needle down on one of his favorite  albums.  He would hand me the sleeve and tell me to read, read it all…the only problem was he would then proceed to talk about what all it said and I couldn’t concentrate to read…I must admit, I rarely ever did read it then, I enjoyed listening to him tell me about more.  My dad would almost memorize all the liner notes in the album covers.  He would tell me to follow along with the lyrics, but again, he would be singing or pointing out his favorite part in the song and I wouldn’t be reading anymore.

Yes, the smell of record sleeves and incense, and moderately loud, but crystal clear rock n roll coming from Bose speaker he bought in Germany while he was in the army.  That makes for a great time with Dad while mom was gone.  To this day I can still hear that “Come down hear and listen to this” tone in his voice, and remember that smell.  I can still invasion the proud look on his face like “I couldn’t wait until you were old enough that I could share my rock n roll knowledge with you”.  I would most definitely soak it in and eat it up.

A few facts that I remember him sharing with me were things like, Paul McCartney was rumored to record on this album under a fake name because the record company wouldn’t let him do it.  Alice Cooper was one of the first to wear make up like this..The first cover to the Street Survivors album from Lynyrd Skynyrd had flames around Ronnie Van Zant’s head and shortly after was the infamous plane crash so they redid the cover and they removed the flames from his head.  I could go one but you get the point.

My dad had thousands of records and a killer stereo.  I think he had listened to everyone multiple times at one point or another.  He loved to share music with others and found great joy in doing so.  I know that it has shaped me and influenced me greatly.  Not only the musical influences from those times but many other things in life.  His joy, laughter, smile and kind personality was very contagious and as a young kid, He was my hero and I wanted to be that kind of person.

Thank you for being a Rock N’ Roll Dad!




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