Hey guys, I am super stoked!

I was searching for ways to promote my new album, Nine Hours, after I released it this past March. Fireworks Magazine, UK, found me online and contacted me for an interview & album review. It is due to come out June 14th!

The process for this interview was pretty detailed. I sent a lot of information and put a lot of thought into the questions being asked, and the result is an in-depth interview that I wouldn’t want you to miss! Find out about the song writing and recording process, the inspiration behind the songs, the band, highlights from the album, and much more!

Fireworks Magazine is based out of the UK and sold in major cities around the world.  Many hard core music fans and those in the music industry read it. I am looking forward to this opportunity to share the story behind this album with all of you!

Have you heard Nine Hours yet? Take a listen before the interview comes out on June 14th!