Hartford City Heritage Days


So here are a couple attempts by me to capture a couple back stage shots.  There were more shots, but they were worse, lol.  Last Saturday we loaded up the trailer and headed to Hartford City for the Heritage Days Festival.   I had about an inch and a half on each side to back in my trailer and we had about 45 minutes to kill before we had to start setting up.    I love hanging out before the show.  It gives everyone a good chance to just relax and be themselves.  When we go out to play, our personal feelings have an affect on the music.  Having that time to relax together helps everyone get acclimated and prepped for the show.  Plus I like to laugh and these guys are pretty funny.  I’m usually too busy laughing to be funny…

After the show we all went and had some delicious carnival food and had a good chat about the show.  On our way back we caught up with a long time supporter and fan of mine, David Weddell.  I have to say his selfie looks a lot cooler but it’s probably the lights.  That always makes things cooler.  We had a great show at the festival.  It was pretty loud and thumping, so we were cranking it out pretty good!   We opened for the Fran Cosmo Band.  Fran is a former lead singer of the band Boston.


I played the whole show with a new Epiphone Casino guitar that I’m trying out.  It was nice to get it outside and have my amp turned up pretty good to get a good feel of what it will do.   We played an hour and a half, and we played mostly all originals.  We did three covers, mostly because they are some of my favorites.  When we were done there was a line forming to snatch up some CDs, so that was cool!