Trip To Ohio…and things

Well, tomorrow I will be heading to OH for the weekend.  I’m taking the family with me and we are visiting my Mom.  Saturday I will be doing a concert in the park for about 50 or so family and friends and hopefully new fans.  This started out as a house concert but we ended up in the park, so… is a house concert in the park….I was working on a Friday gig and maybe a couple nursing homes but I decided to back off this weekend a little and enjoy the time with my family.  I really think that one good gig on the park will be more worth it, then playing continuously all weekend.  I’m really looking forward to this intimate concert!

Sunday morning we will be heading back and I have a gig in Lafayette, IN at 3pm, The Rock the House for Riley!  It’s a fundraiser for Riley Hospital.  I really hope traffic clear….lol!  I forgot to mention that before we leave in the morning I have to get up and change a spark plug wire on the van, because it is shorting out…it’s the one in the center in the back of the engine…it’s practically impossible to get to…It will be fun…

I get a lot of people asking me when I sleep….I sleep very well at night and I get about 6-8 hours of sleep believe it or not…lol!  I make my coffee strong in the morning and after about three sips I’m going going going all day long.  Speaking of coffee, I drink columbian generic or if I get name brand it is Folgers…

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