How to choose a guitar for a beginner

I get a lot of people ask me about suggestions to buy a guitar for themselves or their child.

Which Kind, acoustic, electric, (and what name brand)..?

What size…?

Where to go..?

Let’s start with smaller children.  If you child is 5-12 chances are that they will need a 3/4 size guitar (three quarter).  It is three quarters of the size of a regular guitar.  Most 3/4 guitars are terrible about staying in tune.  I’ve found that Jay Jr. is a good name brand for this size.  These run for about $80 before shipping if you buy it off of the site.  I bought one for my son and it was the best money I spent.  If you are serious and want your child to learn then spending a little money is well worth it.  If you go to a reputable guitar store in your area and pay $80-$120 you will be getting a good deal.

Now, if you or your child are over 12 year old range, you should probably look at the full size guitar.

If you live in the Frankfort area then Pro-Byte has some very good deals.


My easy and quick suggestion is if you are just learning, start with an acoustic.  It’s simple and easy…if you start with an electric, now you have to spend money on an amp and chords and thats a whole other topic at this point, plus with an acoustic you can take it anywhere easily…it’s just simpler.  Everything is the same on an electric and acoustic, there is just a little different approach and that can be taught later once you get started playing.  With that said, I started with an electric so it’s not wrong or better either way…But I played without an amp for a long time and I worked and saved to buy my first amp…

So, acoustic guitars come in many shapes and sizes.  The “Dreadnought” is the body shape of the most common acoustic guitar, it’s probably what you envision when you think of an acoustic.  If this is too big there are smaller bodied guitars.  You can get a smaller bodied guitar with the same scale neck.  Don’t let the body size fool you, it will still be a “full size” guitar.  Get what is comfortable, that’s why there are thinner guitars.  There are guitars that sound better than others, but when you get to the point where you can tell, then you will know enough and you will know what you want.

Takamine makes a beginner guitar called Jasmine.  They run about $120-$150 and I have heard good things about them.  Once again if you go to a reputable guitar store and pay about $120-$200 you will have a good guitar to start learning, and depending on what you want to do with it…it could last you for many years.

I hope this helped!

If you have any further questions please go to my contact page and send me a message!

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