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Jason Wells, a rock and blues guitarist that often performs as a one man band is someone you wonʼt forget. Raised up in Central Indiana, Jason never gave up on his passion and has taken that passion all over central Indiana and surrounding states.

“Iʼm looking forward to working with Jason Wells more often, If I was you I would go to one of his shows” Joey Buttram-Hidden Relic Productions

“Stepping Out” is Jasonʼs CD title that has been released on Sound Edge Records and distributed through JMD Distribution. Jasonʼs music is on over 400 download sites around the globe. This CD is full of bluesy rock and hard hitting vocals of Jasonʼs signature sound. The planning stage has begun for Jasonʼs tour schedule for the next year as Jason plans to take his CD and live show to the people.

Jasonʼs song “Cancer” is an honest look into the true feelings and emotions of human hardship. Jason is giving all the proceeds to this song away to cancer victims to help them in their time of great need.

Growing up in central Indiana, Jason had dreams of being a musician but there just wasnʼt the influence to make the dreams reality. Reality was, you get a job and make a living…In 2008 Jason was one of the many that was being laid off. Jason seized the opportunity as a chance to live the passion and dreams that would never die. In 2010 Jason gave in and went back to work for four months. After four long months the decision was made to not try anymore but to live. “Stepping Out” which was recorded, but not priorly named, was released and named appropriately…

-Jason has regular airplay on Thunder 103.9 including on the air performances in the past and X103.3 (X Files).

-Jason will be on BobFM 95.3 for a live performance to promote the Uptown Jazz and Blues Festival in Lafayette IN

-Check out his inerview with IndyConcerts.com at: http://indyconcerts.com/artistband-interviews/local-music-interview-jason-wells/

-Podcast interviews with Indy In-Tune: www.indyintune.com

-Jason performed last yearʼs Taste of Tippecanoe and a returning guest at the Mosey Down Main Street festival in Lafayette, IN.

-Jason will be the featured artist at The Indy Apollo Theater music showcase.

-Find his music on any music download site including iTunes and Amazon.

-Physical copies can be purchased at Pro-Byte computer and McGuire Music.

Jason likes to keep in touch with his fans:





Jason is a person and musician that you wonʼt forget, a real person with real music.




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