3 new songs, so far….

In the past four months I have been very busy playing gigs and promoting my CD.  I haven’t had much time to practice, most of the time when I played guitar it was at a gig…Over the last week or so, I have forced myself to stop and slow down so I can just play, and enjoy playing.  Not that I don’t enjoy playing at gigs or it’s not good practice still, it’s just when I take the time to just play at home I’m not “on the clock” and I can relax, and play around, experiment and be creative for future shows…

I have also been very tormented almost, I have had some songs bouncing around in my head…I’ve been writing down all that comes out and sometimes it’s just a few lines.  I think that is why ,so many times, I have a hard time writing, it’s hard for me to put things into words…I have always put my thoughts into music.  Over the last few days I did come up with a new song about my experience and decision to pursue my music career.  I have two other songs that I have written, and they are just going to need a little tweaking.  I posted one song to my You Tube Channel and shared it on Facebook, and I got a very good response from it.  It’s called “Another Mountain To Climb”

My “new” CD Stepping Out is only 3 months old now and I’m writing songs for my next CD.  I almost get the feeling that the newness has wore off, but I guess that happens…I have to keep looking forward and I won’t find myself three years from now still saying I have a “new” CD.

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