Last Weekend’s Shows

So, Friday night I played at The Knickerbocker in Lafayette.  It’s the oldest bar in Indaina.  I tried to figure out what my set was going to be like all week, but I could never really come up with anyting…finally about 5 minutes before I started I felt pretty good about what I was going to play.  Most of the time I don’t use a set list, because when I do I don’t ever follow it, or I forget to bring it with me…

I started out with my own little version of Purple Haze, then went into “Right Back Where I’ve Been”.  I did the whole playing guitar behind my head which was a big hit!  I rocked out a few more then laid back a little and played some straight “acoustic” songs.  One of those was “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (thanks to Amanda), Love that song because everyone, most of the time, does the echo.   I Also played a bluesy version of Folsom Prison, which was the first time that I played it live, I think it went over very well…

At the end of my set I got a little carried away and ripped off four of my strings.  It was fun!

I consider Friday night a great success!  Because so many of you, my fans, came out and rocked it with me!  Thank you, without you I could not do this!


Saturday night I played at a benefit for a yong man, Josh Turner.  I played a lot of the same set that I did Friday…again I had some of my fans come out to that!  Thank you!  This young man is battling many things, mostly cancer.  It was great to be a part of that.  When they had the benefit for my Dad so many people where there and it really does speak volumes!


Thank you all again!  See you soon!

Jason Wells

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