Rear View Mirror, Music Career 2011

Hello, thank you for your support!
I know I won’t be able to remember or mention everything in the past year but I wanted to try and recap a little.
I started out 2011 working a factory job for a few months, hating every minute because I spent a year and a half playing music…In Febuarary my father passed away from cancer. I decided then that music was my passion and not just a dream. I gave my notice and started back at my music career.

I started in first thing trying to gain students, calling nursing homes and booking gigs. It really seemed that in no time I was filling up my schedule with all three. The next few months I was finishing up my CD. I signed on with JMD Distribution for worldwide digital distribution. My CD was officially released in June. I had a great CD release party with many fans, a threat of a tornado, and a room full of wet music fans singing in unison and having a great unforgetable night!

I came across a company in Indy, 27 Storms Entertainment, that made my “Cancer” video for free. That was fun and hard…I had to “act”…The video got 800 views in the first 3-4 months, which is not viral, but in my book, I considered that a huge success. The views still continue to climb!

I played my first Taste of Tippecanoe which was a blast! I met the dj at BobFm which turned into some opportunities later on…The same night as the Taste, I played at The Darlington Music Fest which was in honor of my Dad. My Dad had started it a couple years back and it had turned into something very cool. Anyway, I had a 8-10pm time slot. I felt like I rocked to place, I was very confortable and the people were into it! But, I did a few songs in the middle of my set with Free Noise, my dad’s band that he started, and I was absolutley blown away….we played my Dad’s song “The Sugar Creek Song”…So many people were embracing each other, singing all the lyrics, dancing and crying…I about lost it, it was a true blessing to see the impact my Dad and his music had! Thank you Darlington!

Mulberry Telecomunications filmed a pilot TV show, Songbook. I played my music and did an interview.

I played at a Mosey Down Main Street, you know the one that got rained out…! I was in the middle of a song and the sound guy walked up and said, “cut it short”…I said, “like a couple more songs?”… he said “NO, like Now!” The was the storm that blew in during the catastrophy at the Indiana State Fairgrounds stage collapse…

The TGIF gave me a call to do a photo shoot of me for the Jazz and Blues Festival that was coming up. I met them downtown Lafayette to stand in the middle of the road with my guitar over my shoulder for some pictures. I then found out I would be on the cover of the next week’s issue!
Also as part of the Jazz and Blues Festival promotion, I got to perform live on BobFm. Not to mention, The Jazz and Blues Festival was a great time, and I had a very good audience!

I had many days in the summer months when I was playing 2 or 3 gigs per day. That was a lot of fun, but it was very tiring…pack up, unpack, play, pack up, unpack……etc. O yeah!

The Local Thunder on 103.9fm was playing my tune all year long and my song “Right Back Where I’ve Been” (co wrote by Jim Miller) started to receive regular airplay on X103 out of Indy. I was not expecting that at all.

Now towards the end of the year I have started writing some new tunes for my next CD. I had a chance to go back on Bobfm to debut my new song called “Hot Head Helen” which is strictly about the volcano Mt St. Helen… 🙂 The same day I was on the radio, I had a chance to go film a Christmas song for Homegrownbiker TV show.

There are many more things that happened throughout the year. Most importantly, I got a chance to meet and talk with my fans and make new fans! It’s your support that allows me to do what I do! I would like to thank you, and I hope that we can have a great future in music together in the coming year!

I Wish You A Happy New Year,
Jason Wells

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