Brand New CD “Inside”

I recently released my brand new CD “Inside” through SoundEdge Records.  It features Austin Shearer on Bass guitar and Jay Large on Drums.  Austin and I have been long time friends and it was an honor to work with him on this project.  He plays bass for blues guitarist W.T. Feaster who you should check out for sure!  Jay Large has been a professional drummer for years and I must say it was like we have been playing together for years.

This CD has ten original songs with a variety of styles.  With “Hot Head Helen” being Robin Trower style, so people have mentioned to me ( I take that as a compliment for sure), to “There’s No Easy Way” which is all piano and bass guitar, played by my daughter and son.  Many of these songs talk about issues and feelings I’ve had and dealt with in the past year.  I went through about two months where I was writing about every day.  I really wasn’t expecting to write a whole album but the words and music came to me so I decided to go ahead and get to the studio.

Hot Head Helen was written about Mount Saint Helen after the dj, Kim Seals, from BobFm mentioned the locals nicknamed Mt St. Helen, Hot Head Helen, I told her that sounded like a good song title, she told to write it and I could come debut it on the air.  So it took me about 2 days and I had the tune.  About 3 weeks later I was on air playing my new tune.

Another Mountain To Climb talks about things in our lives that seem impossible to overcome but somehow we keep pushing on with determination even though we don’t know if we will make it or not.  I constantly battle with overcoming things in the music business and in relationships in my personal life, like I’m sure we all do…

Friend Or Foe is a groovy little tune that I wrote about relationships in my life…sometimes we think people are our friends but then when you really start to notice and hear things you find out that it’s not so.  Maybe you need someone to be there for you and you see that they don’t care as much as you thought, or at all…My ten year old son and I made a music video of this tune and it has became a fan favorite by far.  There is also a live version of this song from my CD release party you can find Here.  X103 out of Indianapolis, has been playing this song which is very awesome!  If you would like to request it you can do so Here.

It’s Love is a tune that talks about love being true and honest.  I don’t like songs that talk about love causing pain and heart ache, although I understand the point behind it, but that is not love, that is hurt and heart ache..Love never fails

Man On The Moon is a bluesy tune that talks how sometimes we have good friends that need help and won’t let their friends close enough to help.

Who Do I Call is an acoustic soul stirring song about losing someone.  I lost my father to cancer and he was one of my closest friends.  There was a big hole to fill when he was gone…

There’s No Easy Way features my daughter on piano and my son on bass guitar.  Again talks about losing someone and all the things that go through someone’s mind when they are trying to cope and carry on..

Inside is a song about feeling alone and struggling while trying to live a normal life when your life is not really normal and smooth at the time.  Sometimes we are afraid to show our true feelings and emotions because it’s not the time or place, so we have to try and hold it in.  Sometimes it seems impossible to hold it in.

Magic Man was written after my good friend Daniel Lusk the Magician asked me to write a song about a magician…I wasn’t really sure how that was going to go until he said “You know, you never want to gamble with the magic man”  and then it was all clear…So the Magic Man turned out to be a mysterious character that goes around seeking those who are willing to gamble with him and play his game, because when you play his game he never loses and you never win.

Leave You Behind is a song about a terrible habit I’ve had since I was in sixth grade.  There are hints in the song for people to figure out what it is…


I hope all enjoy the CD and I hope you enjoy reading this.  I look forward to seeing you all in the near future at some of my shows!

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